Tietz Family Farm Popcorn

  • Tietz Family Farm Popcorn

Tietz Family Farm Popcorn

Tietz Family  Farms               Seven  Generations and Still Farming Strong             Part of  Lebanon, Wisconsin for over 160 years            

In 1843,  Frederick Tietz left his homeland in Germany to escape religious  persecution.  He settled in the fertile  rolling hills of Dodge County, part of the Northwest Territory.  The area eventually became known as Lebanon  and became part of the State of Wisconsin.   After settling in the area, Frederick married and raised a family,  establishing a successful farm and homestead.   Seven generations later, his land and family continues to be an  integral component of Tietz Family Farms with his great-great-great-great  grandchildren living and farming this same land.

Today, Tietz  Family Farms comprises over 220 acres and is one of the area’s largest  producers of fresh farm produce and delicious Homegrown Popcorn. 

Available in 5 varieties - 1lb. packages

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